Wood-Framed Shades

At Electric Sheep Creative Agency we are always keeping an eye out on the hottest trends – and eye-wear crazes are certainly no exception. So it was no surprise when wood-framed shades caught our eye. Wooden sunglasses, an idea so obvious yet unexpected.

Kiran Wicksteed


21 May 2016

Wooden sunglasses
sunglasses on sand

Sunglasses are ubiquitous, and the category seems jam-packed. So what is it about these shades that we find so cool? First-of-all, every pair is made from a unique slab of wood, with its own character, line markings, and colouring. They just feel more real, and less mass-produced. And that’s not just to do with the natural qualities of the wood. These glasses – the good ones of course ̶ are hand-crafted in tiny Indy studios, along hipster back-alleys by bespectacled, and moustachioed men. Maybe it’s the way they’re made in a smoky den with the rich and fine tobacco smoke adding a mature, almost antiquated air to every piece, but whatever it is, few accessories are more desirable.

And that’s backed up by the facts: Shopify.com listed wooden sunglasses as one of the top 10 trendiest items right now, citing Google Trends’ charts which demonstrate the incredible year-on-year growth of the wooden sunglasses category since its inception.

At the end of the day they’re just sunglasses ̶ but we sure as hell want a pair.

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