You could be a sheep hiding in the herd,
or you could be an electric sheep standing out from the rest.
It’s up to you.

Just fill out this quick form and let’s get your brand
on a lofty perch overlooking all your silly competitors
 who didn’t choose Electric Sheep Agency.

But don’t take too long… Unfortunately we only 
have capacity to take on 1 or 2 new clients each month.

I used Electric Sheep for a major revamp of my company website and on an ongoing basis to market the company via social media creating an online presence. They are knowlegable and professional and extremely hard-working. Such a pleasure to deal with.
Nikki Miller
18TEN Accessories
"Efficient. Honest. Always willing to learn and put the client first. You guys really did a great job with the website for More than anything, you guys have been/are such a pleasure to work with. As an entrepreneur, you have made this journey easier and enjoyable."
Lelo Macheke
"Teneal was an absolute pleasure to work with! We had a rebrand of our website done by Electric Sheep and could not be happier with not only the execution, creative style but also the timely emails and constant communication. Thank you Electric Sheep, it was a pleasure to work with you!"
Lauren Joubert
Empire Group
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