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The content creation Cape Town is raving about. Find your voice. Tell your brand story.

Introducing a world-class content creation agency in Cape Town.

Content marketing is the art of creating valuable content on your website. But, who should the content be valuable for? That’s right your customers.

By sharing expert advice related to your industry on your website, you not only give your customers a reason to visit your website, you position yourself as an expert in your niche.

As a new company or as one that’s been around for a long time, you probably have realised the importance of having compelling, valuable and relevant digital content on your website that keeps your visitors coming back.

A content creator, also known as a copywriter will create content to spark interest in your brand.

This content can come in the form of a blog, web pages, ad copy and social media content, to name a few.

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social media content creation agency.

Craft your powerful brand story.

Our team of specialists can't wait to help you get the shockingly good results you deserve. Just click the button below, fill out our simple form and we will be in touch with the next steps. We deliver some of the best content creation Cape Town can offer.

Creating engaging content that represents your bands identity, is what we do.

You’re rather tech-savvy, you know you need a blog and a social media presence, you try with the utmost care to make sure the content is fresh and exciting, but you find there just isn’t enough time in the day. If you’re not planning on running your company by day and transforming into a content creator at night, then the best solution is to hire a content creator now.

Writing that riveting blog post, sharing your newest accomplishment on Instagram and still creating a captivating advertising campaign shouldn’t be another box to check on your daily to-do-list.

Your Digital Marketing Company formulates a strategy using a combination of these digital marketing channels to achieve your specific objectives.

Knowing you can’t do it all, is the first step.

In fact more, and more companies are aware of the importance of high-quality content. Having well-written, interesting content online and offline, adds value to your brand and creates trust and credibility with your customers.

That’s why businesses are now looking at hiring a content creator who will bringing their brand to life. So, stop what you’re doing and hire us. Not convinced yet? We’ll show you why you need to hire a content creator.

We’ll save you time.

Content creation is a lot more complex that just writing a couple of blog posts every so often when you have the time. It’s actually not just about the writing, it takes a lot of time and effort to produce high-quality content, that your audience will actually want to read. As a content creator a lot of research, editing, proofreading, formatting and craft has to go into creating relevant content for your brand.

Don’t you want your brand to always be top of mind?

Hiring a content creator will give your brand a unique and distinctive voice that your audience will recognise. We’ll learn the ins and outs of your brand, and turn your brand story into a conversational dialog you can have with your customers.

It’s so important to share your brand story.

We all relate to stories. Stories are what connect us to each other. They breed empathy. Trust. It’s deeply human and ancient, cultivated over thousands of years around campfires. Storytelling is a way for companies to connect with people. It allows brands to form real bonds with their customers — beyond cheap prices and promotions.

When someone decides to hire us as a content creator for their business, we try to walk in their footsteps. We find the stories in their everyday lives, in the way they do business, that help them connect with real people. Great advertising is cultivating a sense of belonging, and storytelling is at the heart of that.

You must be convinced now. So, what are you waiting for... Content doesn’t just have to be a blog. Think podcasts, webinars, videos.

If your company sells garden equipment, create content like: “The 7 Best Garden Trends of 2021 to Make Your Neighbours Jealous.” We create killer content for a number of companies. If you’d like us to create yours, give us a holler.


“We recently used Electric Sheep to revamp our website and couldn't be happier with both the process and the end product. The Electric Sheep team are very responsive and happy to adapt and change things until it's perfect. They were also invested in our vision and presented several innovative designs and cool animations to use. Friendly and professional people - would highly recommend.”

"Efficient. Honest. Always willing to learn and put the client first. You guys really did a great job with the website for Gowisha. More than anything, you guys have been/are such a pleasure to work with. As an entrepreneur, you have made this journey easier and enjoyable."

“I used the Electric Sheep team to revamp my business website, they immediately impressed me with their honest and professional approach. They gave me the best advice and options for my budget AND then proceeded to deliver more than I could possibly have expected. I loved the result! I would recommend them in a heartbeat, you can't go wrong!”

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Great content creation has a wealth of benefits. Here are some of the most important:

Higher search engine visibility
Killer content ranks on search engines — it's really that simple.
Build relationships with customers
When people enjoy your content, they start to build a relationship with your company.
Increased web traffic
Content drives traffic to websites. That's when it's shared on social media and when it ranks on search engines.
Increased conversion potential
Through your content you can educate your audience about things they didn't even know they needed. This means more sales.
Brand awareness
Killer content = more likes, shares, retweets & pins. This results in more people being exposed to your company.
Help move buyers through the buyer’s journey quickly
Before people buy, they do research. Give them the information they need and gently guide them to your product or service.