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It's time for your brand to dominate on Facebook: choose our Facebook Advertising Agency

Ridiculously good Facebook Marketing Services in Cape Town.

Facebook is the single largest social media platform on the planet. The sheer volume of Facebook users is eye-watering with over 2.32 BILLION monthly users. (sprout social, 2018) If you run any business, your customers are on Facebook, and you can reach them there. The trouble is, it’s more competitive than ever, so unless you really know what you’re doing, we’d strongly suggest you either invest the time into learning what works, or just hire a pro (like us).

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Our Facebook Advertising Agency can't wait to help you get the shockingly good results you deserve. Just click the button below, fill out our simple form and we will be in touch with the next steps.

Organic or Paid?

When setting out to create your social media empire you need to decide whether you’re going to focus on paid campaigns, organic marketing, or a mixture of the two.

Organic marketing is free (if you’re creating your own content), but it’s time-consuming, and your content has to be objectively worth sharing and in the end it might not even be seen at all.

Being overtly self-promotional in your organic marketing campaigns can be a recipe for failure. You can’t talk me me me and expect people to share that with their friends.

You have to create content that’s useful, interesting or entertaining for them – that’s the key.

Paid Social Media Marketing, on the other hand, can get your offering in front of lots of interested eyes, instantly. As a social media marketing company, it is our opinion that, more like traditional marketing in that you can afford to be a bit more direct with the sell, when running paid social media campaigns. Most social media platforms have extremely powerful targeting systems for paid advertising, that allow you to effectively target your desired audience, making your campaign more targeted and less hit-and-hope.

Facebook is one of the most popular choices for those looking to market their businesses on social media. It has amazing targeting features so you can get your brand in front of the people who are the most likely to convert. Facebook advertising campaigns are also goal specific and are crafted to help you achieve your strategic objectives. It’s great for B2C companies (Business to Customer) and is a fantastic place to advertise products and local services. A good Facebook Advertising Agency will be able to give you advice.

Best things to post

Social media is about letting people into your world and making them feel a part of your brand. Don’t be too rigid and corporate. Ask questions. Share candid photos of your business life. Overly curated social media profiles can seem cold and inauthentic. Engage.

Best times to post

Sprout Social, an eminent social media scheduling software provider, tried to answer this question. They used data from over 25 000 of their customers for their research. According to their research, the best times to post on Facebook were Wednesday at 12pm and 2pm, and Thursday at 1pm and 2pm.

Morning and evening posts saw far poorer performance. The overall trend indicates that midday during the week is a good time to post. The study goes on to explain the optimal posting times in great detail by platform and industry niche. View the full study here


“We recently used Electric Sheep to revamp our website and couldn't be happier with both the process and the end product. The Electric Sheep team are very responsive and happy to adapt and change things until it's perfect. They were also invested in our vision and presented several innovative designs and cool animations to use. Friendly and professional people - would highly recommend.”

"Efficient. Honest. Always willing to learn and put the client first. You guys really did a great job with the website for Gowisha. More than anything, you guys have been/are such a pleasure to work with. As an entrepreneur, you have made this journey easier and enjoyable."

“I used the Electric Sheep team to revamp my business website, they immediately impressed me with their honest and professional approach. They gave me the best advice and options for my budget AND then proceeded to deliver more than I could possibly have expected. I loved the result! I would recommend them in a heartbeat, you can't go wrong!”

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