60 Degrees Website Design

60 Degrees was founded in 2015 by Ishpal Bansal and Brad Bloom. They had both previously worked in recruitment and resourcing agencies. They wanted to start a business that was client focused and had heart at the center of the brand. It was also important to them that the company supported it’s own people across their professional and personal lives. They wanted to acknowledge each of their candidates’ individual circumstances and career aspirations to ethically support their career transition.

So they created 60D (as we like to call it) to focus on finding people the perfect job, to fit their personalities and backgrounds.

View the 60 Degrees website here.


Ishpal and Brad commissioned us to redesign their recruitment and outsourcing website with an emphasis on making sure the website was a showcase of their offerings. They wanted a website that reflected the seriousness of their business, but also the heart and aspirations they incorporate in the way they work with their clients and employees.


We built a tailor-made website that represented the 60 Degrees brand and showed off that they are an expert in their field. And their business is segmented into two, clients and candidates, we wanted to ensure the website was user-friendly and easy to navigate for both viewers.


We used a monochrome palette, with a bold font pairing to show that the brand is influential and knowledgeable, but still innovative and original. We used images that showed professionalism whilst still being approachable and fun and paired that with custom designed icons to align with the brand.

60 Degrees website design
60 Degrees website design mock-up


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