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Ajanta Afrika is a South African supplier of precious gemstones and beads from around the world. It was started in 2006 by Adine. She was inspired by her love of travelling, and the love of stones. The business started small, with Adine visiting Jewelers across Southern Africa. Over the years the business has grown and become well established in the industry. Adine still travel all over, to buy and source all the gemstones. She follows the trends, selecting the stones, looking for unusual pieces to complement the range of standard stock our Jewelers always need.

View her socail media on both Instagram and Facebook.


We were approached by Adine to come onboard and assist in improving her brand awareness, increasing engagement through relevant, thought-provoking, and interesting content and reaching more wholesale jewelers. We took this opportunity to implement and execute an effective social media strategy that employs the use of both paid and organic content.


We posted enlightening and creative social media posts based on relevant topics found through our keyword research and created content and used beautiful imagery for the social media pages to grab attention and grow the following.


We used images supplied by Adine of all the beautiful gemstones and beads she has collected from around the world and paired that with captivating and thought-provoking copy to inspire people to find out more.

Ajanta Afrika social media
Ajanta Afrika social media mock-up


We can't wait to help you get the results your business deserves on social media.

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