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Tash Jack has been a personal trainer since 2005. She has built her personal training business in Kommetjie for the last 11 years and has become very successful. Tash worked at the Virgin Active (Constantia) for a few years before making the leap to start her own PT business.

She wants to attract like-minded people who would like to get fit, maintain fitness and keep moving their bodies for years to come. She is a mom and really health conscious. Her workout routines are fun and adaptable for any ages and stages in life.

View her socail media on both Instagram and Facebook.


Tash Jack is looking to improve brand awareness through growing her follower base, increase engagement through relevant, thought-provoking and interesting content that is distributed consistently across both Facebook & Instagram.


We posted content based on interesting topics found through our keyword research. We wrote captivating content and used beautiful imagery of Tash and images we sourced online for her social media pages to grab attention, increase brand awareness and grow her following.


We used images of Tash working out, running and cycling in beautiful areas to evoke aspiration and inspire her target audience to get in touch and book a workout session with her. We also used other stock images and paired that with captivating and thought-provoking copy.

Tash Jack Social Media
Tash Jack social media mock-up


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