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The Bread Crumbs is a Behavioural Linguistics™ firm. They use the concept of nudging to create actions through the use of communication with a core belief that compelling content is a powerful way to change behaviour. Tegan and Leigh are the founders of this remarkable company. They started their company as a way to persuade people to act through the science-based use of language. The theory is rooted in psychology, sociolinguistics, and the principles of marketing.

You can see their revamped website here.


We were tasked to create and design a website that through bright colours, stunning graphics and persuasive text nudged people to action. The mom elephant nudging the baby elephant along was a very strong visual concept that needed to be used in the design and the two colours, coral and mint which resented the brands identity.


We came up with a design based on the concept of nudging and persuading through visual language that’s so intracule to this line of work. We needed to use the bold colours, text hierarchy and a persuasive funnel to lead the viewer to take action and get in touch with Leigh or Tegan.


We used the mint green from The Bread Crumbs logo and added a secondary colour, coral, to give the website a strong and persuasive design presence. The animated elephants were key to bringing the overall concept to life.

The BreadCrumbs web design image
The BreadCrumbs website mock-up


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