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Brands are at the heart of our culture and design is the language they use to speak to people. Good looks impress people. They reflect a company that takes pride itself. Great design and branding allows you to charge more. Think about it, people eat with their eyes first. Presentation is everything. You might offer a great product or service but if it looks bad, no-one will ever know how fantastic it is. They won’t even try it.

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It's time for your business to look the part

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Great design makes people feel things, and you want your customers to feel the right things while interacting with your brand. First impressions count, so make sure you make a great one. Your brand’s visual identity is so important. It communicates personality, tone, and essence, create lasting emotions, and experiences your audience will associate with your brand. The visual component of your brand is the first touch point to communicate your intangible qualities through images, shapes and colours. So, make it bold and memorable.

If you’re looking for a rebrand or starting completely from scratch, we can help! We create assets, like logos, typography, colour palettes, image libraires and more to represent your brands personality in the best possible way.

  • Get noticed: Design can make people stand up and take notice, by improving brand awareness and name recognition through visual communication.

  • Your brands style: A brand’s visual identity consists of colours, typography, illustrative elements, and styled images. Your audience needs to be able to recognize your brand and see consistency. This translates into memorable experiences and trust.

  • Stand out from your competitors: A brand with a memorable and striking logo and brand assets will stand out from competitors with boring and poorly executed designs.

  • A professional look: Investing that little bit extra into having your logo and brand bible and having them designed by a professional, sends the message that you take your brand seriously and want to communicate that message to your audience.

  • Your story: Design tells the story of your brand. The use of colours, font styles and graphic elements conveys the emotion or feeling behind your brand.

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"We had a rebrand of our website done by Electric Sheep and could not be happier with not only the execution, creative style but also the timely emails and constant communication. Thank you Electric Sheep, it was a pleasure to work with you!"

Lauren | Empire Group
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"Efficient. Honest. Always willing to learn and put the client first. You guys really did a great job with the website for More than anything, you guys have been/are such a pleasure to work with. As an entrepreneur, you have made this journey easier and enjoyable."

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"I used Electric Sheep for a major revamp of my company website and on an ongoing basis to market the company via social media creating an online presence. They are knowlegable and professional and extremely hard-working. Such a pleasure to deal with."

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Benefits of Graphic Design Services

Great design has a wealth of benefits. Here are some of the most important:

Become a premium brand
Great Graphic Design makes companies appear bigger, better & more premium.
Create a killer impression
We all know that the 1st impression counts. Make sure your customers are impressed.
Cultivate Trust
Bad design makes your company hard to trust. It's been proven that great design increases trust.
Improve conversions
People are highly visual creatures. If it looks bad, they don't buy. Simple.
Ease of use
Design is more than just looks. It's an experience. It's knowing what your customers expect to find and guiding them to it.
An Investment
We're talking about something that can transform the way a business is percieved. That's why design is such a valuable service.