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Ridiculously powerful email marketing

Exceptional Cape Town Email Marketing Services.

You might ask us if we’re crazy for doing email marketing. And with all the unscrupulous spammers out there, it would be a good question. But the answer is no. The truth is it’s crazy NOT to be doing email marketing.

Email marketing has been a well-used tool that almost all companies utilize daily. It’s the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers.

Many people will visit your website, only to leave and never return. By capturing their email addresses in a way that benefits you both (offering 5% coupon to sign up, or a free-downloadable pdf) you can keep marketing to them for months to come or until they’re ready to sign-up, make a purchase or take the next steps and get in touch.


Engage with

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Stay top-of-mind

Nuture your leads until they become customers

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Harness to power of email marketing

Picture the following situation: someone lands on your website, they’re pretty interested but not entirely ready to pull the trigger, they get distracted by someone ringing the doorbell or a friend popping over for a visit.

So they leave.

They might have been 90% of the way there, but now they’ll probably never visit your website again. They probably won’t remember the exact website they were on, or the reason why they wanted to purchase the product or service in the first place.

If you had been able to capture their email address, you could have continued to woo them. You could send them marketing collateral about new shoes you’ve just got into stock, or the 10% discount you’re offering all first-time customers when they book their couch in for a deep clean.

You could have made the sale and even turned them into a long-term customer once they see how valuable and significant your brand is to them.

But now they’re gone for good, and you have no way of finding out who they were, or how you can persuade them to come back.

Of course, you don’t want to be spammy and you want to give the viewer the chance to sign-up of their own accord. It will only hurt your own company. You also don’t want to bother people who haven’t opted it (we all know how annoying that is).

Like content marketing, you should be providing content that’s cool, interesting and gives people a reason to want to stay signed up to your marketing emailers. That way it’s not a bother.

Your Digital Marketing Company will also be able to assist you with coming up with creative ways to capture email addresses. And innovative ways to remarket to them once they have signed-up.

You can’t just tell someone to give you their information, you must provide something in return. It might cost you in the short term (offering 10% off their first purchase) but if they become repeat customers, you will be gaining more in the long term.

But once you have their details, you can be the top-of-mind company for that person for months and years to come. They will be loyal to your brand. Your emailer will land in their inbox, and they’ll be excited to open it and see what new specials you have and what new products have arrived in stock. Waiting to make their next purchase.

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"We had a rebrand of our website done by Electric Sheep and could not be happier with not only the execution, creative style but also the timely emails and constant communication. Thank you Electric Sheep, it was a pleasure to work with you!"

Lauren | Empire Group
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"Efficient. Honest. Always willing to learn and put the client first. You guys really did a great job with the website for More than anything, you guys have been/are such a pleasure to work with. As an entrepreneur, you have made this journey easier and enjoyable."

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"I used Electric Sheep for a major revamp of my company website and on an ongoing basis to market the company via social media creating an online presence. They are knowlegable and professional and extremely hard-working. Such a pleasure to deal with."

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